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the ZONE

Creation. Learning. Joy.​

What Do We Do?

Our learning community meets every other day for 160 minutes. That means that we spend an entire morning engaged in interdisciplinary projects that incorporate elements of both our STEAM and French curricula. We devote a significant amount of time to creating community and building connections, both human and intellectual, and a portion of our project work with learners also focuses on viewing topics through the lens of Learning for Justice's Social Justice Standards.


How Do We Do It? 

Learners are free to manage their own time as they meet the project objectives. Exploration work - research in this model is deeper than in most classes, and we regularly invite students to follow an idea down the rabbit hole. When it comes to creating projects, our extended meeting time means they can really dig in and get "in the zone". They're not interrupted by a bell and they're constrained only by scheduled feedback time or workshops. Because we have so much time together, our feedback and reflection cycles can go deep, better serving our learners' needs and assuring meaningful learning. 

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