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Feedback, Conferencing and Reflection Cycle



Community Agreements

Developing community agreements is a powerful strategy for coalescing a group into a team. The process of constructing agreements is often more important than the product. Agreements come from a consensus-driven process to identify what every person in the group needs from each other and commits to each other to feel safe, supported, open and trusting. As such, they provide a common framework for how people aspire to work and be together as they take transformational action. Here are a few tips for developing community agreements.


Feedback Nightmares

Giving and receiving feedback is crucial to the success of a project, and giving feedback is an art that can be carefully crafted through a series of practices and protocols. Our first step towards honing our craft is sharing and reflecting on our own negative experiences with both giving and receiving feedback.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


Feedback Principles

Before we move to specific feedback protocols, we establish a series of best practices that can help guide learners in their feedback journey. These best practices help to build the culture of trust and support critical to a positive feedback experience.


Feedback Protocol

Our feedback protocol encourages students to reflect on their work and think critically about how they can improve. We also strive to create a supportive community in which students feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback. We believe that feedback is an important tool for growth and success.

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