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The Trumansburg Water Trail

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Our purpose

The Trumansburg water trail is an organization with the purpose to place water fill stations around Trumansburg. Placing water fill stations will reduce the amount of plastic emitted by our community and increases our sustainability. 

The process

We, the Global Humanism club, are working with the Trumansburg Rotary Club with the initiative to create a more sustainable village. 

The goal of our project is to reduce the use of plastic in our community by encouraging the use of Trumansburg Town Water with reusable water bottles, instead of selling imported water in plastic bottles that will end up being thrown away. The accessibility to refill stations will result in many benefits for our community including saving energy by cutting the cost and waste of transportation and plastic bottle production, lasting health benefits from developing regular drinking habits, reducing household expenditure by removing the cost of purchasing bottled water regularly, and eliminating the consumption of BPA, a potentially harmful chemical, from plastic bottles.


Thank you for your help!

Trumansburg High School Global Humanism Club

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Our Clients

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